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Regals and Royals

We do have a litter plan for spring and fall of this year.


Thank you for thinking about joining the Staffordshire Bull terrier wish list.

The wish list serves the purpose of helping potential puppy buyers communicate their preferences and requirements to a us in a concise and clear manner. The aim is to outline the specific characteristics, traits, or conditions that the buyer is looking for in a new puppy.

RnR puppies...

Regals and Royals

General litters info

Dear visitors,
This page has been thoughtfully designed based on the our extensive experience and communication with potential puppy owners. By addressing frequently asked questions, we hope to provide valuable information that can help streamline the process for both the breeder and the future puppy owners. Clear and transparent communication is essential in building trust and ensuring a positive experience for all parties involved. If you have any specific questions feel free to let me know!

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Summary on Regals and Royals pups

– L2hga clear by parents (test copy available).
  To know more about L2Hga click here
– Hc clear by parents   (test copy available).
  To know more about HC click here
– Registered under Croatian kennel club
– Microchipped
– Vaccinated with puppy vaccines up to age
– Will hold an EU travel passport
– Will be dewormed and treated for external parasites, according to the vet schedule
FCI pedigree (Croatian Kennel Club). Export pedigrees are extra, will be ordered on demand once the sale is confirmed, and mailed via post with tracking to the new owners address. * Since we sell pups as pets, the pedigrees will state “pet only”, per contract.
– Raised with the Puppy Culture Programme of early neurological stimulation
– Started on the toilet and house training
– Started on leash training 
– Started on crate training 
– We don’t sell puppies as show or breeding prospects, and offer no guarantees that the puppy will be show or breeding quality. If you wish to buy a show or breeding dog, special arrangements should be made. 
– All pups who are personally picked up come with an extensive puppy pack that will help them adjust to their new family
*Additional documents and pick up later than 9 weeks of age, if needed, are available, at additional cost. 

Puppy buying process step by step

Read the Puppy FAQ.
Take your time to go through the provided Puppy FAQ, as it may answer many of your questions regarding the process and what to expect.

Contact us via Puppy Form Wish List
Reach out to the Regals and Royals preferably by using the puppy form wish list. 

Specify Your Preferences
Clearly communicate your preferences, such as whether you’re looking for a male or female puppy and any specific colour wishes you may have.

Payment Process
Be sure to understand the payment process:

Puppy Wishlist Reservation
A non-refundable reservation fee (100 € for domestic buyers and 200€ for worldwide buyers) is required to be registered on the wish list. This secures your spot, and the amount is not refundable if you choose to remove yourself from the waiting list.

If we do not have a puppy matching your preferences colour or sex wise, you will be presented with available puppies (if any). Otherwise the reservation fee will be transferred to next litter.

Birth Notification
You will be notified when the pups are born. Breeding is nor mathematics and unfortunaly, it is not possible to know how many pups will be in litter, what color or sex. Please also keep in mind, pups are delicate and it takes time for them to be “up on their feet”…

Choose your puppy
Upon arrival of the puppies, you will be informed if we have a puppy that meets your wishes described in the puppy wish list form. After you choose you puppy, 30% of the puppy price is due to reserve a specific puppy.

In case the chosen puppy falls ill or passes away, you can choose to select another available puppy from the litter (if any available), wait for a puppy from a future litter, or request a refund of this amount.

Remaining Payment
Pay the remaining purchase price in cash on the day you pick up the puppy.

If the puppy is to be shipped, ensure that the full amount is paid 10 days before the scheduled shipping date.

"Best Puppy Upbringing"

This refers to a comprehensive set of practices and standards implemented to ensure the optimal health, well-being, and development of puppies from birth until they are ready to transition to their new homes. The key components of such a policy may include:

Well-Cared-for Mother:
The mother of the puppies is given proper care and attention to ensure her health and well-being throughout the pregnancy and nursing period.

Up-to-Date Vaccinations for the Mother:
The mother dog is kept current on all vaccinations to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases to the puppies.

Nutrient-Rich Diet:
The mother is provided with a balanced and nutritious diet that is specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of a pregnant or nursing dog.

Specialized Puppy Diet:
Puppies are introduced to a high-quality, age-appropriate mostly raw diet that supports their growth and development. The food should be nutritionally balanced to meet the specific requirements of growing puppies.

Supplementation with Vitamins and Minerals:
Additional vitamins and minerals may be added to the puppy’s diet to ensure they receive the essential nutrients for healthy development.

Deworming Protocols:
Regular deworming schedules are followed to address potential internal parasites that could impact the health of the puppies.

Veterinary Care:
Puppies receive regular veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, and any necessary medical care to monitor their health and address any issues promptly.

Clean and Safe Environment:
Puppies are raised in a clean and safe environment to minimize the risk of infections and provide a comfortable space for development.

Socialization and Enrichment:
Efforts are made to expose puppies to various stimuli, people, and environments to promote positive socialization and ensure they are well-adjusted.

Transparent Communication with Buyers:
Breeders or owners communicate openly with potential buyers, providing information about the puppy’s health, care, and any necessary instructions for continued well-being.

We make a commitment to responsible breeding and the welfare of the animals, aiming to produce healthy, happy, and well-adjusted puppies ready for a smooth transition to their new homes.

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"No Visit Policy"

Here at Regals and Royals we have implemented a rule where potential buyers are not allowed to physically visit the puppies until they have received their full set of vaccinations. This policy is typically in place to prioritise the health and well-being of the puppies by minimising the risk of exposure to infectious diseases.

The rationale behind this policy is to prevent the introduction of harmful pathogens that could be brought in by visitors, as young puppies are often more susceptible to illnesses before they have completed their vaccination series. By restricting visits until the pups are fully vaccinated, we aim to create a controlled and safe environment for the puppies during their critical early weeks of life.

During this period, communication is possible through other means, such as phone calls, emails, or virtual updates, allowing potential buyers to stay informed about the puppy’s development without physically interacting with them until they are considered less vulnerable to certain diseases.

Regals and Royals puppy wishlist

"Taking good care of a new puppy"

The care for your puppy is essential for ensuring their health, well-being, and overall development. The guidelines you’ve provided are crucial components of responsible puppy care. Here’s a breakdown of each point:

Quarantine Until Full Vaccination:
Keeping the puppy in quarantine until they have received their full set of vaccines helps protect them from potentially harmful diseases during their vulnerable early weeks.

Regular Deworming:
Implementing a regular deworming schedule is essential for preventing and addressing internal parasites that could affect the puppy’s health.


Protection Against External Parasites:
Ensuring protection against external parasites, such as fleas and ticks, is important for the puppy’s comfort and overall well-being.

Safety Measures:
Taking care of the puppy’s safety involves creating a secure environment, removing potential hazards, and providing appropriate supervision to prevent accidents.

Developmental Support:
Avoiding demanding physical exercise until the puppy is fully grown helps protect their developing joints and muscles. Providing age-appropriate activities and mental stimulation supports healthy development.

Neutering is mandatory unless otherwise specified in the contact. Waiting until the dog is fully developed aligns with the practice of avoiding paediatric neutering, promoting the dog’s overall health and maturity. 

Nutritious Diet:
Feeding the puppy a well-balanced and nutritious diet is crucial for their growth and overall health.  At Regals and Royals we are dedicated to raw feeding using locally produced beef, lamb, and fish to provide essential nutrients. You can read more about raw feeding here

RnR as a breeder is focused on providing a comprehensive and responsible care plan for our puppies. It’s also important for new puppy owners to continue these practices to ensure the ongoing health and well-being of their furry companions.

Regular veterinary check-ups, proper training, and a loving environment contribute to a happy and healthy life for the puppy beyond their time with the breeder.

Whilst you are waiting for your puppy, we recommend for you to check our our “How to prepare for your puppy” blog. 

Regals and Royals puppy wishlist

"Additional Expences"

If you are an international buyer, there additional expenses related to the care and documentation of your puppy you must take into consideration. Here’s a brief explanation of each item you’ve mentioned:

Remaining Puppy Vaccine:
Puppies typically receive a series of vaccinations to ensure they are protected against various diseases. The last puppy vaccine is part of this series and is administered to boost the puppy’s immune system.

Health Certificates:
Health certificates are official documents issued by a veterinarian, indicating that the puppy is in good health and free from contagious diseases. These certificates may be necessary for travel or when crossing borders.

Traces Certificates:
Traces certificates (Trade Control and Expert System) are documents related to the movement of animals within the European Union. They may be required for international travel or when importing/exporting animals.

If you are picking up the puppy personally, TRACES will not be needed. 


Export pedigree:
Optional feature and is generated upon request, with additional costs associated. An export pedigree is a document that allows a dog to be registered under a different kennel club or participate in events abroad. 

Other Specific Vaccines or Documents:
Depending on the destination or specific health requirements, additional vaccines or documents may be necessary. For example, certain countries may have specific regulations or diseases that require additional vaccinations or documentation.

It’s important to consult with your veterinarian and research the specific requirements of the destination country if you plan to import the puppy to.

Each country may have its own set of rules regarding vaccinations, health certificates, and other necessary documentation.

I suggest using this site to get preliminary info on import requirements. 

Rabies Vaccine:
The rabies vaccine is typically administered to dogs to protect them from the rabies virus, which is a severe and often fatal disease. It is a core vaccination in many regions and may be required for international travel or as part of local regulations. Croatia is rabies free county.

If the recipient country requires, the initial rabies vaccine is administered at around 3 months of age. This vaccine is not included in basic puppy price.

Puppy Can Travel 21 Days After Getting the Vaccine: Many countries and airlines have specific requirements for pet travel, and a waiting period after the rabies vaccination is often mandatory. The 21-day waiting period is a common guideline to ensure that the vaccine has taken effect and the puppy is protected against rabies before travel.



"Puppy Pick-Up"

  • Preferred in person.
  • If the buyer chooses to pick up the puppy in person, no additional shipping fees apply.
Regals and Royals puppy wishlist


Shipping Details:

  • If the buyer opts for shipping, specific shipping documents (health certificate, traces, or similar) and vaccines are considered extras.
  • Shipping costs are not included in the puppy price and are the sole responsibility of the buyer.
  • The shipping agent must be a licensed one and able to provide a registration number for travel documents.
  • If the puppy is to travel by airplane, the breeder does not approve of cargo. Only accompanied flights or flight nannies are accepted.

Location and Extra Charges:

  • The breeder’s location is in Split, Croatia.
  • Delivery to other cities (e.g., Zagreb airport) is subject to an extra charge.

This clear communication of policies helps set expectations for the buyer and ensures a smooth process for both parties involved. It’s common for breeders to have specific guidelines for puppy pick-up and shipping to prioritize the well-being and safety of the puppy during transportation. Licensed shipping agents and specifying the preferred method of travel by airplane (accompanied flights or flight nannies) are here to make sure of puppy’s welfare during the shipping process.

If you have any further questions or wish to reserve your place on our wish list, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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