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FAQ: When will you have puppies?

We got two litters planned for 2024. Waiting lists are filling up quite fast, if you wish to get in touch please fill up the puppy wish list form


Frequently asked questions

Please read this page carefully if you are considering purchasing a Regals and Royals puppy. Here are answers to some common questions. If you still have questions after reading, we will be happy to help.


Regals and Royals is a kennel registered under the FCI. See registration here.

We are located in Croatia and operate as a member of the Croatian Kennel Club (HKS).

Occasionally, yes.
Our breeding is related to the fact that we want to have at least one dog from each litter, either with us or with our close friends. Depending on the number of puppies in the litter, we may have a puppy that is available for a new family. If you are interested in our puppy please fill our the application (we have a list of reservations and a questionnaire for new owners).

Yes, but only occasionally. We strive to breed to improve the quality of our dogs. Some of them are blue, some carry blue, some are different color. When looking for a puppy, we advise you to look for a dog that will suit you in all features, not just color.

No. If asked, we will recommend another breeder, but we will certainly not resell other people’s dogs.

Well, this is a difficult question. It is never easy to choose who will take which puppy home. We would like to point out that we prefer families looking for their future pets than kennels. We get the impression that Stafford should be a pet dog, we don’t want our puppies to live in outdoor kennels.

Raising puppies both in a house and in a kennel setting each comes with its own set of positive aspects, and the choice often depends on the specific needs of the breed, and the breeder’s commitment to providing a healthy and well-rounded environment for the puppies. Indoor time provides socialization opportunities, family integration, early exposure to household elements and closer monitoring. Outdoor time provides outdoor exposure, space for play and exploration and promotes healthy development in natural environment. 

We try to accustom all puppies to home hygiene, walking on a leash, and basic crate training. How much each puppy will adopt depends on the puppy itself.

We find it very difficult, if not impossible, to say whether a 6-week-old puppy will become a show dog. So NO – we don’t sell puppies as exclusive show dogs. In addition to genetic predispositions, the show dog requires a lot of time, work and knowledge. If you are looking for a show dog, we advise you to buy an already formed dog. If you insist on buying a puppy – it is best to choose the one you like and hope for the best.

This depend on the timing mostly. If the mother is soon to have puppies, or is with the pups – she is in quarantine. The father is not always with us, he may not even be in the same country as we are. If we used our own stud dog, then of course you can meet him. If these two are not available, we will for sure let you meet some of our other dogs. 

The Croatian Kennel Club has strict rules related to breeding, and according to the club, direct incest is not allowed. Line breeding is only partially allowed; but only when referring to litters where common ancestors are in a combination of 2 – 3 (grandparents x great-grandparents).

All our litters come from parents registered in Croatian Kennel Club, from health tested parents. Dogs owned by us have been tested (and negative) on l2gha, hc and phpv. They also often have recordings of the locomotor system  Also, all females that we use in breeding have a breeding permit which confirms that they meet the breed standard. At the same time, all our adult dogs have a socialization test for dangerous dogs, as it is mandatory in our country. All documentation is available for viewing.

Puppies are vaccinated between 6-7 weeks and then receive another dose of vaccine at the age of 9-10 weeks. These two vaccines are called Puppy vaccines, and after those the pups are ready to leave to their new homes. Upon request and at additional charge pups can be picked up at a later date, with a full vaccination protocol.  (if the puppy is intended for export, for example) 

Yes. Puppies are chipped at the age of six weeks, at the same time they receive their first vaccine. Croatian Kennel Club begins the registration of puppies on the day they are born, as the the club manager visits us to confirm that the puppies are age / breed / color appropriate. In the following weeks, the club performs another examination and only after that the pedigrees are issued. Export pedigrees (if required) are ordered at a later date.

Our dogs live in a flea-free house, we do not use aggressive chemicals if not needed. All dogs that puppies come in contact are parasite free. 
Intestinal parasites are dealt with on the recommendation of a veterinarian, the medicine we use most often is Drontal Puppy.

Yes. Immediately after birth and then after a few weeks when chipped and vaccinated. Visits to the vet are recorded in their passport.

RnR puppies are born and raised in our home. They get to know our regular daily routines, meet children and other people, as well as other pets. When they grow a little they spend time in the outdoor fence, in the air. They also hang out, under supervision, with other members of our pack. In addition to their mother, we have several male and female dogs (intact and neutered).

Visits are only allowed when the pups are fully immunized. In the meantime, we will be more than happy to provide as many pictures and videos as possible.

Puppies should not leave their mothers before 8 weeks as this may affect their development. We prefer if you take the puppy at the 9-10 weeks of age. Later pick ups are possible, at an additional cost.

Import rules and regulations are governed by the country of destination. As Croatia is a member of the EU, the pups usually leave after their second vaccine, at the age of 9-10 weeks. Basic information about the requirements can be found here: Pet Travel

We prefer personal pickup, but we do understand this is not always possible. If the pup is to be shipped, all the transportation cost comes as extra and is not included in the price. Keep in mind we are located in Split, closest airport is Split (SPU). The pup might need transport crate, traces, or additional documents due to not traveling with the owner. Check all these info an prices on time. 

Puppies have:
– Microchip
– EU passport
– Vaccines according to age;
2 or 3 puppy vaccines
– Notes on deworming
– FCI pedigree

If the puppy is exported outside the Republic of Croatia, per demand it can come with*:
– Additional vaccines
– Notes on cleaning from parasites
– Rabies vaccine
– FCI export pedigree

These and other specific documents are available on request at an additional cost; Traces, Special Export Certificates, etc… 

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